We at TeaLief know our customers understand that our product is not your run-of-the-mill tea line. TeaLief blends top-grade tea with the utmost delectable herbs, all carefully infused with the highest quality CBD (cannabinoids). Making your personal choice of hot or cold tea, absolutely incomparable to any other tea brand on the market. The ancient art of drinking herbal tea in order to achieve a healthy life has been documented for thousands of years. Since TeaLief is now changing the game by pairing 3 mouthwatering flavors with top-level CBD, leading a healthy lifestyle has never been easier.

Black Ginger Peach– Whole black tea blended with peaches, a hint of ginger root, cinnamon, orange and vanilla.
Green Tea Coconut– Toasted coconut blended with the finest quality green sencha tea.
Honey Spice Rooibos– Rooibos needles blended with sweet and mild spicy tones of natural honey, cinnamon, aniseed, lemon peel and cloves.


  • Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water
  • Tea leaves comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, a shrub native to China and India.
  • Tea contains antioxidants called flavonoids. In the body, antioxidants are believed to work to neutralize harmful molecules called free radicals which can cause damage over time to cell tissue and contribute to chronic diseases.

Health Benefits:

    • Tea and Bone Health

Research suggests that tea may result in stronger bones since it is a good source of fluoride, which supports healthy bones.

    • Tea and Oral Health

Research suggest that the flavonoids in tea inhibit the ability of oral bacteria to form harmful plaque deposits. In addition, tea’s naturally occurring fluoride may support healthy tooth enamel.

    • Tea and Weight Loss

Studies suggest have that flavonoids in tea prevent excess calories from being stored as body fat. In other studies, tea flavonoids have been shown to increase metabolism making it easier to achieve a lean body mass while improving endurance during exercise.and Diabetes

Preliminary research studies suggest that tea may reduce the risk of diabetes. Positive
changes to energy balance, food intake and carbohydrate metabolism have also been
documented due to antioxidant activities of flavonoids.

    • Tea and Heart Health

Studies suggest that drinking tea may be associated with improved cardiovascular
health. It has also been associated with reduced risk of hypertension, stroke and
hardening of the arteries.
Other studies suggest that tea may improve blood vessel and endothelial function as
well as help to control blood clotting, thereby supporting healthy blood and circulation,
energy balance and food intake.

    • Tea and Cancer Research

Preliminary research suggests that the flavonoids in tea could play a role in reducing
cancer risk by combating free radical damage, inhibiting uncontrolled cell growth (cell
proliferation), promoting programmed cell death (apoptosis) and boosting the immune
system to help fend off the development and promotion of cancer cells.